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Distiller wants to help you find the perfect bottle of whiskey

Want to up your whiskey game, but not sure where to start? Answer a few questions in this app and let the tasting begin.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Shopping for whiskey is hard. There's a lot of jargon and terms thrown around that often lead to intimidation and end in surrender. On the rare occasion I have ordered a whiskey drink, my typical response when questioned about the type of whiskey I want has been "whatever you recommend."

Thanks to a new iOS app I might actually start learning a thing or two about whiskey. The free app called Distiller not only wants to help the whiskey aficionados expand his collection, but it wants to help people like me, who know next to nothing about whiskey. I mean, the only malts I like to drink typically involve ice cream.

By answering a few question in the app, Distiller will recommend a range of different whiskeys for you to try. You can then add them to your account (or "Top Shelf" as the app calls it) and rate them as you start fine tuning your whiskey taste buds.

For those of you who want to expand your whiskey shelf, but aren't using iOS, you can visit to take advantage of the same recommendation engine found in the iOS app. I am told an Android version is in the works, but there's currently no release date.

As for iOS users, you can download the app from the App Store here.

What's your favorite bottle of whiskey?