Disqus now offers Facebook Connect log-in

Universal comment service Disqus just got integration with Facebook's Connect platform, allowing anyone with a Facebook account to log in and use Disqus with their credentials.

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Josh Lowensohn

Universal comment add-on system Disqus is the latest company to pledge allegiance to Facebook's Connect platform. Users will soon be able log in to comment on Disqus-powered blog posts with their Facebook ID. Meanwhile these comments can be pushed back to the user's Facebook news feed, completing the circle.

This is a big deal for blog owners who may feel a little finicky about going through with a full Facebook Connect install on their blog. Considering the main point of registration often comes when users want to dip into a discussion this was the next logical step for any third-party comment tool. Better yet, the commenter, who is spending time on their blog and getting involved in the conversation is beaming this back to Facebook where others may find the post and chime in as well.

Facebook Connect log-ins are not turned on by default. Blog owners must first acquire an API key from Facebook and toggle it on, alongside other optional Disqus add-ons like Seesmic video comments. Disqus co-founder Daniel Ha says blog owners should see it activated on their blogs by the end of the month.

The change may be a little bittersweet for Disqus, which had effectively created its own universal profile system. The good to come out of this is that a greater number of users are likely to sign up for the service since they're now able to do so with their existing Facebook log-in.

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Disqus admins will find a new option in the settings menu that lets them hook up to Facebook Connect via API key. CNET Networks