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Disney Plus will now release new original series on Wednesdays

Shifting the original series release dates from Fridays to Wednesdays could help Disney Plus compete with Netflix releases.

Disney Plus' Loki premiere on June 9 was the most-watched on the streaming service.
Disney Plus

Disney Plus subscribers may have a new night to watch new episodes of original shows. The popular streaming service is changing the release date of its original series from Fridays to Wednesdays, The Hollywood Reporter first reported. The change comes after last week's Wednesday premiere of original Marvel series Loki, originally scheduled for Friday, became the platform's most-watched original series debut. 

The shift to Wednesdays will begin in July for all global original series on Disney Plus. However, original movies will continue to premiere on Fridays. The shift will help Disney Plus spread out its increasing slate of original content, as well as help it compete with Netflix, which tends to release new shows on Fridays.

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