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DirecTV Now adds HBO, raises prices by $10 a month

Packages for the streaming TV service will now cost $50 and $70 a month.

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DirecTV Now customers will soon be paying $10 more per month, but they'll get HBO with the streaming TV service. 

AT&T is swapping its current DirecTV Now packages with two new ones on Wednesday, the company said in a Tuesday release. They'll be called DirecTV Now Plus, which will cost $50 a month, and DirecTV Now Max, which will cost $70 a month. HBO will be included in both packages, in addition to dozens of live TV channels and on-demand shows and movies. The Max package includes more live sports channels, on-demand options and Cinemax.

Current DirecTV Now customers, who now get more than 65 channels for $40, can keep the packages they have now but will start paying $10 more per month starting April 12 (for all options except Todo y Más, which includes Spanish and English channels). If you unsubscribe, you won't be able to resubscribe to the previous DirecTV Now packages. 

AT&T said full details on the new packages will be added to its website after midnight PT. 

Originally published March 11, 12:52 p.m. PT.
Update, March 12: Recasts story in light of confirmation from AT&T.