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Diino: Start your own mini P2P empire

Want to share files with your friends and family in a secure environment? Look no further than Diino

We're supposed to know better, but even Crave hates normal data backups. The process is often more hassle than it should be -- why should we take time out to install an extra hard drive or burn a thousand DVDs when we can just as easily watch TV and explore our nasal cavities?

Luckily, the tech gods have smiled upon Crave once again, as we've just come across as a service that makes backups a cinch. It's called Diino, and it lets you upload your documents into the ether of cyberspace simply by dragging and dropping.

The fashionably misspelt service lets you stream your music and video to any PC in the world, and you can also share the files with your friends and family. Like you can with Kazaa -- but with less pornography.

You can sign up for free and get 20MB of storage space, but if you're anything like Crave, you'll be lusting after the 100GB service, which starts at $79 (£45) per month. The people at Diino saw Crave coming a mile off and probably didn't want us clogging up their servers with a terabyte of hardcore Dutch techno, so they gave us their 10GB package, which costs $99 a year, or $10 a month.

We were sceptical about it to begin with, but we have to concede it's practical and very easy to use. Please excuse us -- a Diino-using mate of ours in Tibet who wants to share some Nepalese yak jazz. -RR