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DiggSuggest tells you what you should read on Digg

Looking for cool stories on Digg? Skip the front page and use this new service that shows you new stories based on what you've already written.

DiggSuggest is a new service created by 20-year-old Digg user who has used the service's API data feed to provide a feature the popular social news site currently doesn't: suggested readings.

All you have to do is plug in your Digg username (or someone else's) and it will scour your past dugg stories to serve up suggestions for stories both popular and upcoming. The more you digg the better the results should be. Not only does it show stories, but it also groups together keywords related to the things you like.

That's about all it does for now, but it's a wonderful way to discover new stories, and quite a bit more engaging than browsing the mass of stories in the upcoming section. Many people, including myself, have been waiting for Digg to get around to creating a suggested reading service. Until that happens, this is about the closest thing you can get.

[via Digg]

Plugging in your Digg username to DiggSuggest will give you a list of keywords related to things you've dugg before. You also get a list of stories the service thinks you'll like. (click to try with my username) CNET Networks