Design new clothes in Flash with the hoodie-o-matic

Ever wanted to design custom clothing without doing the hard work? Neighborhoodies has a new tool that lets you design and have fun at the same time.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

New York based Neighborhoodies has a cool new tool for people who are all about customization called the "hoodie-o-matic." Like services that let you custom design clothing to sell to others, you can create an entire garment in your browser and see the results in real time as you toggle various options.

The results aren't actually a new service offering. In fact, the previous system would let you do the same thing, although it was a series of drop-down menus, the result of which you'd only see once you received the garment. The new system takes away that element of surprise, and also cuts down on some of the manpower needed to transfer over those design orders for printing.

I had great fun creating the one pictured below, although as you can see from the price tag these designs don't come cheap. Each additional design element costs a little extra on top of the base price, although you can stack on as many as you want.

For now the tool only works with hooded sweatshirts (hence the name), but considering the large volume of t-shirts the company sells, there could be a version for t-shirts or another articles later on down the line.

The Hoodie-o-matic lets you design hoodies with all sorts of custom touches. They don't come cheap though. CNET Networks