DEMO 96: Verity technology filters Web data

Verity, Inc., maker of search-and-retrieval software is showing off at Demo 96 new technology that eliminates the need for users to know where data is online and also filters information.

CNET News staff
INDIAN WELLS, California--Verity, Inc. officials said they will show off at Demo 96 new technology that makes finding online information a snap.

Aimed at making life easier for Web users, the technology, which is as yet unnamed, automatically creates a record of information contained on Web pages that a user has accessed. With this info, the browser can create a list of links to Web sites that relate to the user's request without having to remember the URL.

The Mountain View, California, company will also show off a new filtering technology that lets users filter content in order to focus the flow of information or block unwanted content. Integrated into browsers, the technology can block out anything the user doesn't want to view.