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David Allen, guru of 'Getting Things Done'

Rafe Needleman interviews David Allen, author of the popular 'Getting Things Done' productivity system.

David Allen, guru of geek productivity and author of the best-selling book, "Getting Things Done," was the keynote speaker at the Under the Radar conference last week. His system has inspired millions to strive for an in-box with zero messages in it, and I wanted to know if he could help me achieve this nirvana. Allen didn't offer any magic solution, although his organizational tips do make sense for those of us suffering from perpetual information and communications overload.

I asked Allen if there were any software or online tools he recommends for keeping the lists on to which we're supposed to offload our plans. Allen does not seem to be a fan of GTD software (for a good list of options, see "Spawn of David Allen," on the Under the Radar blog). Any list manager will do, he says. The truly devoted might want to check out the official Getting Things Done Outlook plug-in. What does Allen himself use? In his keynote, he revealed that his to-do list manager is Lotus Notes.