Daily Tidbits: Zoho imports Google Notebooks

Company behind the online productivity suite is capitalizing on the suspension of Google Notebook with a new import feature in its own Zoho Notebook.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Zoho announced on Wednesday that in light of Google suspending Google Notebook, it has enhanced its own service, Zoho Notebook.

According to the company, it has added a Google Notebook import function, which allows users to import all their Google Notebooks into Zoho's software. The company also added the ability to link between notebooks, record audio and video, and chat with other Zoho users through a new instant-messaging application built into the software. The updated Zoho Notebook is available now.

Mixx, a Digg-like social site that caters to a more "mainstream" audience, has inked a deal with online advertising agency Federated Media to handle all its advertising endeavors. Mixx now joins Federated Media's group of content sites that employ the company to connect them with advertisers.

Federated Media's executives said they will work closely with Mixx representatives to develop "conversational marketing executions" that will cater to Fortune 500 brands. Advertising rates have yet to be determined.

OneSeason.com, a company that offers virtual goods and a gaming platform for sports enthusiasts, announced that it has secured $3.5 million in a Series A round of financing that was led by Charles River Ventures. The company's founder, Mike Sroka, said he will use the funding to build out the site's virtual-goods marketplace and enhance features in its social-gaming network.

Use of Twitter in the United Kingdom has increased tenfold year-over-year, according to a report from market research firm Hitwise. According to the report, "Twitter ranked as the 291st most visited Web site in the U.K., up from a ranking of 2,953 (in 2007), for the week ending January 19, 2008. U.K. Internet traffic to the Web site has increased by 974 percent over this period." Hitwise also said Twitter is still growing at a rapid rate, which is partly due to British celebrities publicly joining the site.

Social network Bebo on Thursday announced that it has partnered with Motionbox, a service for sharing personal videos, to bring video-publishing tools to Bebo's users. Those who wish to use the Motionbox platform on Bebo will have access to its basic membership, which includes online-editing tools and secure storage. Bebo users who want to post high-definition videos will need to sign up for Motionbox's subscription service and pay $29.95 per year.