Daily Tidbits: Nine Inch Nails is the coolest band around

Nine Inch Nails is allowing fans to create "cool" videos from recent concert footage. And more people are watching mobile television than ever, according to a mobile TV provider.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Nine Inch Nails band leader Trent Reznor announced in a blog post on the band's official page Wednesday that a "subversive" group contacted him recently with 400GB of HD footage from three of the band's recent concerts. In a move that would send shock waves through the music industry, Reznor provided a link to the file and challenged fans to create compelling videos out of all the footage. Those interested can find more information about the video on the Nine Inch Nails Web site.

Slacker.com, a service that provides personalized online radio stations, announced Thursday that it has partnered with Research In Motion to bring its offering to BlackBerry devices. Dubbed Slacker Mobile, the service will provide personalized music discovery and listening with the help of 100 pre-programmed stations, as well as 10,000 individual artist stations. The app is free and available now.

Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sonoro Audio, a German designer and engineer of high-priced audio products, announced that it has partnered with music-streaming service Pandora to make Web radio available in its entire line of Elements W radios. Much like other devices that interface with Pandora, users will be able to access all their stations anywhere a broadband connection can be established. The company's Elements W line of radios will be made available sometime in the next few months.

Mobile TV provider FLO TV released a report Thursday detailing the growth of television viewership on mobile phones. According to its research, the average consumer is now spending 20 minutes per day watching television on a mobile phone. It also found that viewership increased 103 percent over the daily average during the one-day playoff between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate at the 2008 U.S. Open and the company witnessed a 22 percent jump on Election Day.

eFresh.com, the self-titled "eBay for produce", announced Thursday that it has secured $5.4 million of venture funding in a round that was led by Rabobank. eFresh executives say they will use the cash to expand the company's presence internationally and increase the usability of the site.