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Daily Tidbits: Carpool to President-elect Obama's inauguration

Carpool to President-elect Obama's inauguration and enjoy Sony BMG songs on Project Playlist.

TripVerde, a company that provides online carpooling services in an attempt to reduce U.S. vehicle mileage by 3 percent to 5 percent in three years, announced Monday that it has launched a new site to connect those people who plan on traveling to Washington, D.C., for President-elect Obama's inauguration in January. According to the company, it will pair up like-minded people from the same region to carpool to the event. In order to be considered, visitors need to sign up for TripVerde's service and fill out information about themselves. Once complete, TripVerde will find individuals with the same interests and start the process of connecting them.

JS-Kit, a company that adds interactivity to Web sites through widgets and other tools, announced Monday that it has added a new feature to its service that allows users to add pictures to their comments on more than 600,000 sites the company partners with. According to the company, each image will be "auto-thumbnailed," but users can click on that image for full-size viewing. The image addition is available now on all those sites JS-Kit currently works with.

Even though MySpace banned Project Playlist late last Friday, the company had some good news to share Monday: it has inked a deal with Sony BMG to offer its users legal access to the label's entire library of tracks. It's a step in the right direction for Project Playlist, since the company is trying desperately to stay afloat after EMI, Universal, and Warner Music sued the company earlier this year. There's currently no indication those labels will negotiate with Project Playlist, though.

Web publishing platform Posterous announced Monday that it has launched a group blogs feature that allows users to add friends to its list of authorized users, allowing them to post Web sites and other information to their shared page. The company also announced that it has raised $725,000 in a round of financing that was led by XG Ventures.