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Crowdstatus lets you micromanage your Twitter buddies

Crowdstatus lets you create groups of Twitter buddies and monitor them on the same page.

One thing sorely missing from Twitter is a way to clump together into groups people you're following. Enter Crowdstatus, a delightfully simple tool that places the latest status message from a Twitter user in a small box with his or her avatar. You can add as many people as you want and check in on them throughout the day as people update. Each grouping gets its own vanity URL and management page where you can add or delete users.

The tool was created by Darren Stuart, who incidentally created one of my favorite Facebook apps called "please stop sharing applications with me." On the about page Stuart notes he's also planning to add other networks to the mix like Jaiku, Seesmic, and Facebook.

[via eHub]

Make groups of Twitter buddies and keep tabs on them in one place with Crowdstatus. CNET Networks