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Crazy art installation puts an LED thunderstorm in a glass house

German artist Leigh Sachwitz displays a wildly interactive and immersive art piece that creates a raging storm inside the gallery.

Grab your virtual umbrellas and raincoats, as the forecast calls for a significant chance of thunderstorms in this art installation by German artist Leigh Sachwitz of Flora&faunavisions.

The piece was displayed at the Triennale der Photographie exhibition in Hamburg last month, and features a transparent house made up of a roof and walls that are filled with LED lights. Titled "Insideout," the interactive 360-degree display put viewers inside the house and subjected them to more than three minutes of inclement weather in a dazzling light show that pretty closely resembles what it's like to experience real storms.

The accompanying sounds were created by musician Andi Toma, one of the founding members of the electronic-music group Mouse on Mars.

According to the description in the resulting video, posted to Vimeo last week, the house represents a safe haven to protect people from the forces of nature. During the presentation, viewers sit in the house and experience the sight and sound of rain falling on the roof. That quickly escalates to thunderstorms and torrential downpours, giving way, eventually, to a sunrise and its radiant beauty.

You can watch the clip of Sachwitz's art piece in action at the top of this post. And if you'd like to experience the installation first-hand, it will be featured at an exhibition in Munich starting August 25, followed by trips to Vienna and Amsterdam later this year.

(Via Business Insider)