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Corel updates paint, photo tools

Improvements to programs Paint Shop Pro X and Photo Album 6 such as one-click red-eye reducers are meant to help beginners.

Corel introduced its latest graphics-editing software on Tuesday, releasing Paint Shop Pro X and Photo Album 6, the first versions the applications released since the company's acquisition of imaging specialist Jasc in October 2004. Both sets of tools promise improved ease of use, including simplified controls meant to help customers find features built into the software. The company said the release marks its most significant foray into the desktop imaging market, where it hopes to compete more closely with rivals such as Microsoft and Adobe Systems.

Among the specific upgrades promised in the Paint Shop Pro release are features designed to help novices edit and manipulate images, including a set of "one-click fixes" addressing tasks such as reducing the red-eye effect in photos. The Photo Album offering boasts applications for automatically downloading photos from cameras or other devices, and expanded tools for sharing images with other people online.