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Josh Lowensohn
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Trippert is a new travel site for bloggers who feel like sharing their travel tips, tricks, and personal experiences with others. Users can write it all out in a blog entry, complete with pictures, tags, and links in a simple WYSIWYG authoring tool. You can pick up to five places mentioned in the entry, which will help it show up in searches or article listings by city and country. The hope is that people will be able to find what you've written in a number of ways.

Trippert pages contain a blog post and photo gallery. Other users can also comment and leave their own opinions. CNET Networks

The service is taking an interesting approach to social blogging, by giving article authors the option to open up their posts to other people for editing. Trippert denotes posts with multiple authors with a little logo; if you're in an open post, you can simply click the Edit button to begin adding your own content. It's a little bit like a wiki.

Trippert also has a built-in bookmarking feature, which lets you save entries you like to your profile for others to see. Each user gets his or her own RSS feed as well, so people can subscribe to your posts in their favorite feed reader. There are also feeds for locations, so if somebody writes a new article about a place in the United Kingdom, you'll be the first to know.

This is about where Trippert seems to run out of steam. There's no real incentive to add to the site (yet), and from personal experience, I find that travel blogs are often more fascinating when viewed in chronological order, letting you follow writers on their experiences. That said, the site is brand-new, and this functionality can be added later on. In the meantime, there's already a solid selection of posts and pictures to help you escape the confines of your cubicle.