CNET UK is on Twitter: Hell heard to be chilly

You can now follow CNET UK's news and editors on Twitter, and you should, because all your friends will like you better as a result

Nate Lanxon Special to CNET News

You've been able to follow your favourite CNET editors on Twitter for a while (if you missed them: Nate, Ian, Rich, Andrew and chief sub-editor Nick), but now you can follow the CNET UK itself.

You'll get all our news, Crave posts and videos discreetly plonked in your Twitter feed throughout the day -- we're like ninjas when it comes to quietly thrusting hot topics into your line of sight. Just read the headlines, or follow the tiny links to the articles themselves.

We don't know what'll happen when this story appears in the feed, but we're really very sorry if it causes the space-time continuum to collapse.

It's a fully automated system, so you'll never miss a breaking story or a hilarious award-winning headline. You'll get our podcasts once a week as they're posted, and if you're very lucky you'll even see competitions that might result in you going into space itself.

You can start following us right now at our Twitter profile page.