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CNET Asks: Which social media platform do you use most?

There's no shame -- we all do it, whether on the train, on a lunch break, or just looking to kill some time. Which one of your social media accounts do you check up on most often?

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Social media is a powerful force in this day and age. There are so many social media platforms out there. Each one is used differently, and they are constantly changing and innovating. One can now find news, share pictures, or stay updated with friends through social media. Even if you aren't constantly updating and sharing your every meal via your account, we are all guilty of opening our apps or logging onto a computer and checking out what our friends are up to. I haven't posted a picture on Instagram today, but I confess to checking the app out about three or four times so far.

Would you say your audience (friends, followers, and so on) differs from platform to platform? For instance, my Snapchat is not as public as my Instagram, and my Facebook is mostly family and friends I don't see on a regular basis. How do you use your social media accounts differently? Don't be shy, and let us know in the comment section.

Of all your social media accounts, which do you check out most often? Let us know by taking the poll below!