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Cloud Contacts now turns phone pics into online business cards

The online manager for offline business cards now lets you take pictures of business cards with your phone and have them sorted with the rest of your online contacts.

Cloud Contacts, the online manager for offline business cards, has a new feature for users with camera phones. You're now able to snap a pic of a business card and send it off to get categorized with other contact cards you've sent in. There is no application for this, you simply send off a copy to a special, private e-mail address.

Unlike competing services Evernote and Shoeboxed, Cloud Contacts creator Allen Stern says his system brings more accuracy to the table since each submission is handled by real people instead of machine scanning (update: Shoeboxed has people looking over the data too). This can be far more important with camera phone pictures since your phone's built-in camera tends to focus about two to three feet away, making the text on business cards quite tiny.

If you've got an iPhone and are thinking about using this service, worth checking out is Griffin's Clarifi case, since it lets you focus about four inches away from a business card.