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Chromecast challenger Matchstick beats Kickstarter goal

The streaming-media dongle reaches its $100,000 funding goal in just one day. But how will it do against similar devices from Google, Roku and others?

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Matchstick is based on Firefox OS, the open-source operating system built by Mozilla. MatchStick/Kickstarter

Google's Chromecast, an HDMI dongle that streams video and music to your television, is in for a fight now that the Matchstick has reached its funding goal.

The HDMI streaming stick, which runs Mozilla's Firefox OS, surpassed its goal of $100,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Surprisingly, it took the device just one day to surpass its goal. It still has 28 days to go before its campaign is complete. As of this writing, Matchstick has generated more than $154,000 in pledges from over 6,000 backers.

Matchstick did not immediately responded to a request for comment.

Matchstick is the first streaming stick that's based on Firefox OS, the open-source operating system built by Mozilla. The device connects to an HDMI port on a television to stream content from the Internet via a computer or mobile device. Matchstick says it will work with apps like Netflix, HBO Go and Pandora at launch.

Matchstick is pitting itself against Google's Chromecast, which provides a similar service. That device, which costs $35, also allows users to stream content ranging from Netflix to YouTube to HBO Go.

When the Matchstick goes on sale next year, the company expects the device to retail for $25. People funding the Kickstarter campaign, however, can get the device for less. Backers have already purchased all 500 pledges at the $12 level, with the Matchstick expected to ship to them in February. As of this writing, more than 4,000 backers have claimed a device for an $18 pledge, and the developer units, which call for a $24 pledge, have sold out. Backers are also shelling out for multiple devices: more than 1,300 have pledged $34 for a two-pack and more than 40 people have pledged $160 to get 10 Matchsticks.

For now, Matchstick will stream from a wide range of mobile operating systems, including Firefox OS, Google's Android, and Apple's iOS. Microsoft's Windows Phone will not be supported out of the box.

In many circumstances, companies that get to their funding goal quickly will offer some stretch goals to increase funding. So far, Matchstick has not offered any additional stretch goals. The company has, however, committed to answering any questions consumers might have about the device on its Kickstarter page.