Chrome Will Now Have Weekly Security Updates for You

Google says it'll start speeding up the release of patches.

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Google's Chrome browser
James Martin/CNET

If you're one of the billions of people using Google's Chrome browser, get ready for more-frequent security fixes.

Google will start releasing weekly security updates for its Chrome browser, the company said in a blog post Tuesday. Previously, Google released security fixes as part of updates that went out every two weeks. The more-frequent patches will start with Chrome 116, which began rolling out this week. 

The tech giant said it's speeding up the releases to address bad actors who can take advantage of exploits found by others using beta versions of the browsers. Google said a weekly update cadence will allow the company to "ship security fixes 3.5 days sooner on average" and greatly reduce the window for attackers to develop and deploy some types of exploits. 

The weekly updates will come in between larger milestone updates, which will continue to be released every four weeks. 

To keep Chrome users informed about updates, Google will make use of browser notifications on desktop and mobile when a new update is available. There's also an option for you to check if Chrome is already on the newest update

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