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Chirpify rolls out reply-to-buy system on Facebook

The start-up supports in-stream commerce on the social network, which means you can type "buy" to purchase something from a Facebook update.


You can't be a country music star, but now you can sell like one -- on Facebook.

Chirpify, the start-up that made it possible for Tim McGraw fans to type "buy" to purchase his new album via Facebook, is making its reply-to-buy commerce system available to all.

Chirpify, founded in 2011, is a start-up that powers in-stream transactions on Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook. Last month, the Portland-based company partnered up with McGraw to soft-launch its reply-to-buy system. Now, it's ready to let all merchants and individuals sell to their Facebook fans.

Chirpify integrates with Facebook so that members of the social network can type "buy," "donate," or "gimme" in the comments section on a for-sale update to purchase an item, donate to a cause, or enter a giveaway. The transaction is completed with the one-step action if the Facebook buyer is already a Chirpify user.

Adidas, the Portland Trailblazers, the Portland Timbers, and bands Owl City and Neon Trees have all joined McGraw in selling on Facebook through the reply-to-buy system, the company said.