Check for issues before installing a Windows 10 update

Microsoft has a handy page that lets you see if a Windows 10 update has issues before you install it.

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Windows 10's wallpaper

Windows 10

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Microsoft  this week released the Windows 10 May update, which includes a handful of nice improvements, such as a Windows light theme that the OS applies across the entire system, including the Taskbar, Start menu, Action Center and touch keyboard.

To grab the update, go to Settings, then Update & Security, then Windows Update and check for updates.

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Microsoft adopted a go-slow rollout this update, which it described Tuesday as  "taking a measured and throttled approach"  that allows the software giant to monitor the health of the update on devices.

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If you'd like to check for issues yourself before you upgrade Windows 10 to the latest version, Microsoft has a known issues and notifications page that lets you view the status of Windows 10 updates.

The page is a handy way to view current active issues as well as those that Microsoft has resolved in the last 30 days.

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