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Cats all the rage for April Fools' Day jokes

Both Google and Opera reveal cat-themed April Fools' Day jokes, with the former offering a QWERTY keyboard for felines and the latter showing off a cat-friendly browser.

Hello, Google Cats Google

Cats have become the animal of choice for two April Fools' Day jokes on Tuesday.

Google posted a new app to its Chrome Web Store on Tuesday, offering customers a virtual keyboard for cats. Dubbed Qwerty Cats, the virtual keyboard features cat pawprints that your feline friends can use to type out a message.

"But this is just the beginning," Google cautioned. "Input research is underway for other pet users, including dogs, fish, hamsters, and dinosaurs."

Google has always been one to take advantage of April Fools' Day. Over the years, the company has announced many fake products and sites, and Qwerty Cats is just one of many Google pranks this year.

Interestingly, Google wasn't the only company thinking of cats this April Fools' Day. Opera Software, the company behind the Opera Web browser, announced the "feline-first Web browser concept." The software, currently in beta, is the "first Web browser tail-or made for cats," Opera said.

One neat feature from the Cats by Opera browser: a TongueTouch interface "optimized to respond on the slightest of screen licks, for easy scrolling."

Google shares are up 1.85 percent to $1,135 in early trading on Tuesday.