Card 1,000 times faster than modems

BroadBand demonstrated Net-surfing speeds 1,000 faster than most modems allow.

BroadBand Technologies today demonstrated a way to surf the Net at speeds roughly 1,000 times faster than most current modems allow.

The company demonstrated its FLX PC Adapter Card for the first time at the SuperComm '96 trade show in Dallas. The card is a high-speed Internet access device based on switched digital video that BroadBand has developed jointly with Intel. The collaboration between the two companies was first announced in May in an effort to help telephone companies deliver Internet access to users via high-speed residential fiber to the curb (FTTC) connections.

The adapter runs on BroadBand's allows carriers to provide high bandwidth, both downstream and upstream, to residential users through a single phone jack. The company said the device will run at speeds of 52 mbps--far faster than the 28.8 kbps now available on most standard modems.

The FLX PC Adapter PC interface card will be available from BroadBand in 1997, around the same time phone companies are expected to begin mass-market advanced broadband services based on their new switched digital networks.