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Accept social network helps you meet strangers on a train, a new social network for kerrazy commuters, can bring you together with other crazy commuters.

We've all been there: ensconced in our seat on a journey, wishing we had the courage to talk to that dark-eyed lovely or broad-shouldered gentleman across the aisle -- and we've usually retreated into the Internet instead. But now, a new social network for kerrazy commuters, can bring you together with the object of your travelling affections. lets you see which members are in the same station or airport, or on the same same flight, so you can contact each other online and meet face-to-face for travel fun -- and maybe more.

To get bumping, simply sign up, create a profile, and start adding your travel plans. The profile is much simpler than other social networks, showing your planned trips with a photo, some details of your work, and a single box to list some of your favourite things. Users already signed up include a "Transatlantic pond hopper with a black belt in Karate and a white belt in Social Media!"

You can say why you want to meet fellow travellers, choosing from options including business, friendship, music, sports or a sexy-time relationship. You can also follow other users to keep tabs on their trips.

The journey can be as short as your daily commute, perhaps on your local colourful octopus, or as long as your Christmas trek back to your roots. If you have a long train journey planned, try our review of the best rail-booking websites.

Seeing as how London commuters go out of their way to avoid even acknowledging each others' existence, we can't see this working on the Tube. Still, that could change if Boris gets Wi-Fi on the underground any time soon. Maybe the gregarious Glaswegians already logged on on the Glasgow Subway would be more likely to get involved. scores pretty high in our list of the most bizarre social networks. Is there a stranger on your train you'd like to share your plans with? Have you ever made a long-lasting friend on a journey? Or are you more of a pretending-you're-asleep sort? Take a trip to the comments and let us know.