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BT's Smart Hub could be the blisteringly fast Wi-Fi router you've been waiting for

The Smart Hub will offer the slick, speedy, seamless home broadband you've been hankering after, says BT.

Abstract color. (Photo by Jie Zhao/Corbis via Getty Images)
Tianhan Chen, Corbis via Getty Images

Ever felt the need to scream because your internet keeps dropping out on you? BT has heard your cry.

The telecoms provider wants to boost your connectivity at home by offering what it claims is the country's most powerful Wi-Fi, courtesy of the BT Smart Hub, which it unveiled on Monday.

Not only will the Smart Hub mean fewer dropped connections, but constant connectivity in otherwise hard-to-reach rooms of your house. This is all thanks to the seven antennas inside -- more than any other UK Wi-Fi router -- and speedy tech that guarantees more devices can enjoy a fast connection simultaneously.

Internet has come along way since the days of dial-up, but that doesn't mean it's always the super-slick, ultra-reliable service we desire. The next generation of internet-related technology, including Wi-Fi routers like BT's Smart Hub and 5G, the successor to 4G, will be all about making our experience of using the internet more seamless. If all goes to plan, download times will diminish and buffering will be gone.

BT has employed various strategies to make sure the Smart Hub can achieve an uninterrupted connection, including filters designed to block out any interference. Another nifty feature allows you to dim the lights so it doesn't interfere with the vibe of your living room.

The first set of Smart Hubs will be reserved by BT for existing customers. If that's you, you can register your interest by signing up on BT's website. BT Infinity customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Smart Hub for free if they renew their contracts, or they will be able to buy one for £50. The router is small enough to fit through your letterbox and BT promises that it will be simple to set up, so there should be no waiting around for delivery.