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Browser extension lets you save your files to the butt

Are you sick of reading about the cloud? This silly Chrome extension replaces the word "cloud" with the word "butt." Because why not?

Butt is the new cloud computing with this new Chrome extension.Kevin Simpson/Flickr

Someone has done it! Someone has created the epitome of Internet, and it's this Google Chrome extension that takes the very real "cloud" data trend and turns it into a running butt joke. The folks at Gizmodo stumbled across "Cloud to Butt Plus," which cleverly scours whatever pages you've opened online and turns the word "cloud" into the word "butt."

OK, so it's maybe a little childish, but when you really think about it, "butt storage" actually makes about as much sense as "cloud storage" does anyway. The cloud as we know it is a bunch of cold, air-conditioned rooms filled with servers that will never, ever see the light of day. The servers are certainly more likely to see a butt -- of an engineer or IT person -- than a cloud.

If nothing else, the extension gives us headlines like " 'Butt Atlas' author publishes short story using Twitter" and " Box uncaps butt storage limits for business users."

To check it out for yourself and have a little fun on a Monday, head over to the Chrome Web Store and install the Cloud to Butt Plus extension.