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Browse and share panoramic photos with viewAt

Like panoramic photos? Check out viewAt.

If you're into panoramic photos there's a cool place just for you. It's called viewAt, and it's a really slick panoramic photo service where you can browse through other people's panoramic photos, and upload your own. If you've ever checked out panoramic shots on other photo services, you'll know they're hard to enjoy unless you have a large, widescreen monitor. Even then, you're missing out on the experience of actually looking around like you would in real life. viewAt attempts to solve this problem with its specially designed Flash viewer that lets you pan around and enjoy big, panoramic shots in their full glory.

The service employs the Flash Panorama Player, which manages to serve up a similar experience to the Quicktime VR functionality of yore, but uses the same plug-in you've got installed to watch YouTubevideos. Each of the shots on viewAT is geotagged as well, letting you sort and browse through shots by country. There's also a mini map that opens up below each shot to let you see if there are others nearby. Other users can comment on the shot, as well as read up on the equipment and technique that was used to capture it.

If you're looking to upload your own panoramics to the service, there is some heavy lifting involved. viewAt has provided a brief how-to here, although be warned--it involves a stitching program, and some photography skills.

Enjoy other people's panoramic works at viewAt. If you've got one of your own, you can upload it too. CNET Networks