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Breaking the XML language barrier

Companies including Sun Microsystems and Adobe race to pioneer XML-based technology.

Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Microsoft, and other technology companies are in a race to pioneer products based on XML, the language that industry observers believe will revolutionize information exchange the way HTML changed user interfaces.

Sun, Adobe offer bounty for XSL
In an attempt to jump-start XSL development, Sun Microsystems and Adobe put up $90,000 in bounties for independent developers who come up with specific XSL implementations.

Sun spec to link XML, Java
Sun Microsystems says it plans to develop an extension to Java to support the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) in order to link the two development technologies.

The race to create XML for e-commerce
update Microsoft and Software AG announce plans to build XML servers that will help businesses exchange information more efficiently using the new language.