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'Breaking Bad' items up for sale on new auction site ScreenBid

The new auction site launches with about 250 props from AMC's hit show "Breaking Bad."

Bryan Cranston (right) and Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad" fame.
Bryan Cranston (right) and Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad" fame.

Fans of AMC's hit television show "Breaking Bad" will want to get over to a new auction site sooner rather than later.

ScreenBid launched on Friday with approximately 250 items from "Breaking Bad." The auction site provides an opening bid for each item, and allows -- just like eBay -- users to put up cash to get their hands on memorabilia from the hit show.

The site's focus is on television and movie studios looking to get rid of props that might otherwise end up in the junk heap. According to The New York Times, which was first to report on the launch, ScreenBid's offering will help studios discard of props for a profit -- something they don't commonly do.

In the case of "Breaking Bad," Sony Pictures is offering up the memorabilia. According to the Times, the company has reserve prices on all of the products it's offering.

As for the products Sony is offering? Fans of the show can get everything from Walter White's Pontiac Aztek to meth distributor Tuco's jeweled grill.