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Bookmarklet converts Web pages to CD sleeves

Got a printer, some paper, and some loose optical discs? Check out Liquid Mongoose, a simple tool that turns information from the Web into slick envelopes.

If you've got an old burned CD or DVD hanging around and want to give it a more attractive home than a 100-disc spindle where it currently resides, you should check out Liquid Mongoose. It's a simple bookmarklet you can save to your browser and call up any time you want to print out a protective (and attractive) cover.

It works for both audio albums and movies as long as you're accessing their information from either Netflix or AOL Music. Once on the album or movie's page you simply click the bookmarklet, then print out the page (while making sure to keep the page scaling to 100 percent).

There is a little bit of elbow grease involved to make your printout actually useful. You can either take the easy way and cut out the square to put into a standard CD jewel case, or you can take this origami approach, which gives you a very slick envelope-like enclosure:

Paper CD Case - video powered by Metacafe

If you're trying to do this with a few dozen albums or movies it's clearly not the easiest way to go about it, but assuming you have a printer, some paper, and a lack of jewel cases--this is the next best thing. Coming in future versions is support for Picasa Web albums.