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Bluestacks extends GamePop's free console giveaway

Along with keeping its free console giveaway open until the end of June, the Android game console GamePop reveals post-giveaway console pricing and new game partnerships.

GamePop will continue to hand out free gaming consoles for the next month in the hopes that it will spur preorder interest for the upstart game system that plays Android games on your TV, its maker announced on Thursday.

BlueStacks, which also makes an eponymous desktop Android app player, has extended the GamePop console giveaway, saying in a prepared statement that "...due to the high demand of preorders it is extending its offer of giving the console itself away free to the end of June." You can preorder the console for free at

The GamePop console looks a bit like a Boxee cube. BlueStacks

GamePop is built on a Netflix-style subscription service, with a console supported by the monthly free-for-all-you-can-play Android games that can be controlled with an iPhone or Android phone.

BlueStacks head honcho Rosen Sharma said that the giveaway is doing well because of the quality of the console's content.

"Launch titles have always been a critical indicator of how well a console sells, and I think that's a big reason why our preorders have been so strong," he said.

How strong? Sharma's not saying, but he said that BlueStacks "will announce when we hit 1 million" GamePop preorders. That's neither a prediction nor a hard numbers announcement, but the company does have some heavy-hitting chipmakers behind it, including AMD, Qualcomm, and Intel.

In addition to extending the console giveaway to people who subscribe by June 30, BlueStacks announced that the console will sell for $129 thereafter, and that two more game publishers have signed up to let GamePop serve their games.

Intellijoy has provided GamePop with $30 worth of educational gaming apps, and Tipitap has expressed interest in bringing e-books to the console. Meanwhile, GamePop said that Korea's largest mobile game publisher, Com2Us, is putting so much content on GamePop that it'll have its own channel.