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BlackBerry brings Hub+ to Android devices as cheap subscription service

Hub+ is a communications control center, and BlackBerry's first subscription service for Android.


The availability of BlackBerry's Hub feature is expanding from in-house Android devices to all Android Marshmallow devices with the launch of Hub+ on Google Play.

Hub+ will be a subscription service, a first for BlackBerry, that rounds up several communication tools, including Password Keeper and Calendar, into one app. After the 30-day free trial the price jumps to $0.99 a month, however you can expect to see ads during the trial period.

This service puts email, text messages, BBMs, calendar invites and social content all into one app for you to view and respond to from one place.

BlackBerry Hub+ is launching in the Google Play store now, but only for Android 6.0 devices. BlackBerry is working on support for Android 5.0 Lollipop in the future, along with exploring the idea of how Hub can be brought to iOS.