BlackBerry Bold in-depth review (Verdict: iPhone is still a bit cooler)

The Blackberry Bold is appears to be a nice new device that will serve business users well. It's still not as cool as the iPhone.

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
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Dave Rosenberg

Blackberry Bold is pretty rockin
Blackberry Bold is pretty rockin Research in Motion
APCMag just published a very detailed review of the upcoming Blackberry Bold which was released in Canada today and in the US over the next few months.

The net takeaways:
- The Bold appears to be the best Blackberry yet, with higher quality camera, screen and keyboard
- The new UI has done a lot toward making the device much more usable. Of course, Verizon or someone else will come along and bastardize all that work, then we'll lament the fact that the iPhone has a better interface.
- Folder icons in the UI may/may not be interesting to people. They remind me of some of interface tweaks that Palm OS used to support. Hard to say right now.
- The new email client finally supports HTML mail and has some revamped fonts which make viewing much clearer

Overall, Blackberry Bold looks much better than the last rev of devices (which have really been mediocre) and business users will likely embrace it with both hands.

For the record, I use a Blackberry. I prefer it over the iPhone for the keyboard and the fact that I don't do well with AT&T cell reception. I do however think the iPhone interface and feature set is far more appealing, and if I was going to be stuck on AT&T I would go iPhone.