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Bing search market share inches up

Search engine market in November remains steady, with Google and Yahoo both down just 0.1 of a percentage point in market share. Bing, however, creeps up 0.3 of a percentage point, ComScore says.

Bing's share of the search engine market crept up a bit in November, while Google and Yahoo both were relatively flat, according to the November U.S. Search Engine Rankings from ComScore.

For the month, Bing saw its share of the U.S. search market inch up 0.3 of a percentage point, the same as it did in October. Google and Yahoo both lost only 0.1 of a percentage point. A drop like that would be meaningless to most companies, but especially to Google, which still holds a commanding 66.2 percent chunk of the search engine market.

Though it's been losing more and more share overtime, Yahoo is still in second place with 16.4 percent of the market. Bing, still in third place with an 11.8 percent share, has slowly been playing catch up with Yahoo.


Looking at the number of searches, Google led the way with 10.6 billion searches run in November, followed by Yahoo with 2.6 billion and Bing with 1.9 billion. Overall, more than 16 billion searches were conducted by U.S. Internet users during the month.

Searches "powered by" Google and Bing were also included in ComScore's data.

Google's "powered by" share, which includes branded searches run at its own sites as well as AOL and Ask.com, was 69.2 percent, the same as in October. Bing's "powered by" share, which covers searches at Microsoft sites as well as Yahoo, was 24 percent, a gain of half a percentage point over the prior month.