Best new iPhone apps this week: Champions League, Shinobi, Dead Space and more...

It's been an eventful week on the App Store, with intriguing new games, music and location apps. Our roundup shines a light on the ones worth downloading to your iPhone.

Stuart Dredge
3 min read

Over 1,000 new iPhone apps are released every day, and the majority of them will only ever be bought by the developer's close family. If at all. It's all rather overwhelming, so we've done you a solid and dug through what's new on the App Store to ferret out some of the apps that -- for one reason or another -- stand out from the crowd.

Dead Space (£3.99) is an iPhone sequel to the popular console and PC game of the same name. Explore a creepy spaceship battling Necromorph hordes, while scooping up new weapons, and (if you need a spot of help) using in-app payments to buy your way to alien-toasting success. Great graphics too.

Heineken UEFA Champions League (free) is an official app for this season's Champions League, which is just entering its knockout stages. Well, better late than never, eh?

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (£1.79) is a conversion of Sega's arcade game, which sees you slapping your way through 28 levels of 'bio-ninjas' (much more frightening than the non-bio variety) using virtual D-pad or accelerometer controls.

BEP360 (£0.59) is a music-video app from the Black Eyed Peas, created by frontman Will.I.Am's own development company (Will.I.Apps -- no, really). It's a '3D360 mobile video', which means you hold your iPhone 4 or new iPod touch out and spin around, seeing the Peas and their posse dancing around you. Augmented reality and photo-sharing features add to the whizziness.

Geoloqi (free) is intriguing: it's a "private, real-time mobile and Web platform for securely sharing location data". You can leave and read 'geonotes', check in via Foursquare, and let yourself be tracked, Latitude-style, by specific friends. The latter feature also lets you trace back your travels.

My Pink Friday (£0.59) is the official app of R&B star Nicki Minaj, and includes samples of her new album, photo galleries and social streams, and a 'Nictionary' to explain her quirky vocabulary. Although when the description of 'Dolly Lama' is "a barbie that makes everyone around her feel at piece", we're not sure how much clearer you'll be after reading it.

Shake Me Strip Me (free) is a branded app for Agent Provocateur, which has stealthily launched on the App Store -- the lack of a proper description makes us wonder if it wasn't supposed to go live yet. Anyway, we've given it  a try: you shake to choose a model, then tilt to reveal the fancy lingerie she's wearing, like one of those old pens where the girl's clothes fall off when you click it. Classy. Tap on the screen, and you're taken to the AP website to buy the undies.

Memory Music Legends (£1.19) is a music quiz that tests your knowledge of some classic album covers from artists such as ABBA, Guns'n'Roses, the Rolling Stones, The Cure, Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder and U2. iTunes Store links are provided to buy songs and albums -- unsurprising given the game is the result of a partnership between developer Ravensburger Digital and record label Universal Music Group.

Let us know if you've seen any others recently in the comments section below.