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Beats to launch streaming music service in January

Jimmy Iovine's Spotify rival is set to launch in the US early next year.

Beats Electronics CEO Jimmy Iovine plans to launch his subscription music service in January. Dan Farber

Beats Electronics, the headphone company founded and run by music industry legend Jimmy Iovine, plans to launch a subscription music service in January.

Beats Music, meant to compete with the likes of Spotify and Deezer, will focus on combining algorithms with curated programming from tastemakers. At one time, it was anticipated to launch this past summer. However, CNET reported in July that Beats Electronics was working to secure a partnership with AT&T in the ensuing months.

Ian Rogers, chief executive of Beats Music, said in a blog post that it's ready to launch in the US in January, after private alpha and beta testing. In addition to internal private beta testing "with people who know and love music," the company also gave a few artists access to familiarize themselves and provide feedback.

Prospective users can reserve a username at immediately.

Iovine founded Beats with musician and producer Dr. Dre and bought MOG, an on-demand subscription service. The intent was to combine that technology and the Beats brand to create Beats Music, also known by its code name Daisy.

The streaming segment is the music industry's area of greatest growth, but it's intensely competitive. The new music service will go up against rivals that beat it in global reach, like Spotify; in profitability, like Slacker; and in size, like Pandora. Beat is preceded by tech giants like Google, which launched Google Music "All Access" and Apple's iTunes Radio.