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Beats Music takes flight on Southwest Airlines

The service will be free to all passengers on planes with Wi-Fi. Southwest is marking the partnership with Beats artwork on a Boeing 737.

The Beats Music Boeing 737 from Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines will offer the Beats Music streaming service to passengers at no charge, the company said Monday.

At a Monday event aboard a Boeing 737 with Beats artwork on the plane's body, Southwest announced that it will provide free Beats Music access on aircraft that are Wi-Fi enabled. Passengers will tap into the Southwest entertainment portal and pick playlists from the service.

Apple acquired Beats earlier this year for $3.2 billion. Beats' products are headlined by the company's popular headphones, but also include its Beats Music streaming service. It's widely believed that Apple saw significant value in Beats Music specifically.

To highlight its deal with Apple, Southwest's official Beats Music Boeing 737 is departing from Dallas Love Field and landing at Chicago-Midway on Monday. Pop band Cobra Starship is playing live on the flight.

Through the Southwest portal, Beats Music will work with iOS and Android OS devices, as well as most browsers.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.