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Beatles on iTunes: Goo-goo g'Jobs

The news that the Beatles are on iTunes launched a thousand puns. It's our first Crave alternative headline competition!

The hard day's wait is over as the Beatles and iTunes come together at last. We've been waiting so long in fact, that a year ago we called for your best 21st century updates to the Beatles' back catalogue. The combination of the Fab Four and the digital world had our pun-sense tingling, so we threw it open to Twitter. Here are some of the most chucklesome responses...

Love you 2.0 (Love You To is from Revolver)
Chris Boyd

Penny Drive
Magical Memory Stick
All our songs on an Apple USB
(to the tune of Yellow Submarine)
Nick Bridgeman
's efforts might take a second but they're worth it.

480 Mbits a Week
Maximum geek points for Kieran Lefort.

Strawberry form-fields forever
Don't let me download
8-bit days a week
Back in the CPUSSR

Good work from Luke Westaway (and his girlfriend).

Digg A Pony
Getting Blitter
Got To Get YouTube Into iLife
Here Comes The Sun Server
Lovely Beta
Tweet And Shout
When I'm 64bits
.exe Sadie

A fine showing from Rupert Goodwins, editor of our sister site ZDNet UK.

I am the USB
Goo goo g'joob, James Kendall.

Here's a bonus selection from the Crave team:

Let it USB (Rich)
Get FLAC (Nick)
From Me To USB (Nate)
Yellow Subroutine (Nate)


Lucy in the sky with dial-up
Luke Westaway

Across the Universal Serial Bus
Bruce McLachlan and Kieran Lefort

The winner

The winning tweet, as judged by the official CNET newsdesk laugh-o-meter:

Back in the USSB
Kieran Lefort

Kieran wins, er, our esteem and applause. Until the next Crave alternative headline competition, long live the Headline King!

Eagle-eyed reviewers will spot Luke Westaway, who entered the competition as a Richard Starkey-style nobody and has since blossomed into our own Ringo Starr right here at CNET Towers. Meanwhile, you've been getting in on the action over at the official Facebook page with some great mop-topped mockery. Our favourite came across the universe from a scathing Ian Rendall:

Octopus' Walled Garden

Think you can top Ian, Luke and Kieran? Keep the suggestions coming in the comments and on Facebook. And remember: in the end, the mickey you take is equal to the pun you make.