​'Back to the Future' fan soaks in DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine

Going back in time never looked more relaxing than it does in this creation from "Super-Fan Builds" that gives a fan and his family their own hot tub made inside a DeLorean car.

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If Marty McFly had a hot tub inside his DeLorean time machine from "Back to the Future," maybe he wouldn't panic so much when he accidentally alters his timeline.

While McFly doesn't get to de-stress in this geektastic hot tub, that doesn't mean a fan of the movie can't have some fun with the creation from the "Super-Fan Builds" webseries. The show from Defy Media and Awe Me showcases the impressive skills of movie prop designers, who build amazing tributes to TV shows, movies and video games for super-fans nominated by their family and friends.

This time around, the team built a DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine that mashes up the movies "Back to the Future" and "Hot Tub Time Machine."

Super-fan Brandon likes to throw "Back to the Future" parties, which sparked the team, led by designer Shane Hammond, to create this one-of-a-kind DeLorean hot tub complete with a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor and electric actuators.

Hammond headed to DMC DeLorean Motor Company to pick up car parts including the car underbody and iconic doors that the team needed to transform the car into a hot tub.

The team gutted the insides of the car underbody, and then assembled the hot tub deck where the DeLorean is parked, and added automated doors so they open via remote. After building the hot tub frame, the team added flexible blue LED lighting to give it that signature glowing effect. To make the DeLorean appear as though it's lifting off the ground, the team attached four 300-pound actuators underneath the car that can then be triggered from a single switch.

Brandon clearly approves of the build when it's revealed at the end of the video, and loves the attention to detail, including the 2015 license plate.

Previous episodes of "Super-Fan Builds" have yielded a HulkBuster high chair, a Han in Carbonite Coffee Table, a "Lord of the Rings" Hobbit-hole cat litter box, a BioShock City of Rapture fish aquarium, Final Fantasy sword kitchen knife set, a life-size "Guardians of the Galaxy" Groot swing and a Batmobile stroller.

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