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Some Australian users experience issues with MOG streaming service

A "handful" of Australian subscribers have had issues accessing MOG music streaming following the transition of the service to Beats Music in other countries.

Despite losing access to MOG, Australian users cannot sign up to Beats Music. Beats Music

See update below, as Telstra has identified the issue relates to Australians using IP addresses and services that misidentify their location as outside Australia.

Some Australian subscribers to the Telstra-operated MOG streaming service have found themselves shut out of their accounts and urged to "try Beats Music" following a global switchover of MOG to the Beats platform. However, the Beats Music service is not yet available for Australian subscribers.

Affected users reported signing in to their MOG accounts today only to be redirected to a sparse information page informing them that "MOG is now Beats Music", that the old service was "shut down on May 31" and that monthly billing ceased on May 1.

The message greeting Australian MOG users when they sign in. MOG

Telstra issued a 'business-as-usual' statement four days ago, saying that MOG would continue in Australia, despite the global incorporation into Beats Music.

"The MOG service in Australia will continue to run as normal at this stage. Of course we will let our customers know more information when we know more."

The message found by some users after logging in on MOG's site advised that "Beats has incorporated some of the best features of MOG, along with our curated playlists from our expert curation team". However, subscribers that want to transfer their old MOG playlists over to the new service are required to lodge a query with the Beats Music support team.

All links from this message to the Beats service also redirect to the US Beats site, which offers further information on Beats but does not allow Australian users to subscribe.

It is unclear if the MOG service is still set to continue or whether the message indicates a complete shut-down of the Bigpond-branded streaming service. Telstra has been contacted for comment.

Update 4:06 p.m AEST: Telstra has confirmed that the error has been reported by a small number of users, but the company is still committed to delivering the MOG platform in Australia.

Telstra's statement:

"We assure all our MOG customers in Australia that the service is running as normal. Currently, US-based MOG customers are being transitioned to the new Beats Music service. We've had a handful of Australian-based customers experience login issues due to their use of IP address software that may identify their location to be from outside Australia.

"For these customers, fixing the problem is as easy as turning off the software, so that MOG identifies you as an Australian-based customer."