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Attendi: Search and chat for instant answers

People search that connects users to chat to find answers.

Attendi is a combination search engine and chat service.

Accepting the fact that Google and Yahoo have won the search engine battle, Attendi says it wants to be the search engine that "bypasses Internet content and head straight for your brain." The aim is to provide answers for questions individuals have that have yet to be indexed on the Web.

Example: Should you want to find a motorcycle that works well for someone who weighs 260 pounds, when you google that, you get a mishmash of irrelevant to mildly relevant answers. Searching on Attendi brings up a list of people who have volunteered to give information. Each person (or "Attendi") has a viewable profile. You can ask the system if you can chat with that person. If they are available online and respond, a chat window appears and you can ask them to share their expertise.

CNET Networks