AT&T's massive Time Warner deal stirs up social media

Social Cues: Also, "The Walking Dead" premiere was quite the bash on Facebook and Twitter.

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AT&T signed a deal to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion.

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AT&T's decision to buy Time Warner has folks on social media joking whether they'll one day see a "Justice League"-"Game of Thrones" crossover.

The communications giant has been making waves across Facebook and Twitter after signing a deal to buy the media conglomerate for a whopping $85.4 billion. Social media has also been chattering about the return of "The Walking Dead."

Social Cues is your go-to guide on what's trending each morning among your friends and followers. Here's what Facebook and Twitter are talking about Monday:

Time Warner: AT&T's blockbuster deal to buy Time Warner, announced Saturday, is still making the rounds on social media. The trending Facebook topic showed people wondering what the deal means for their favorite shows and whether such deals will lead to media monopolies. Several politicians have already condemned the deal, including Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Walking Dead: The highly anticipated Season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead" was a real bash. Too soon? The last season ended with a cliffhanger as the psychopath villain Negan killed off a character, and the big reveal on Sunday was which character died. Social media was buzzing with theories and mourning. Don't worry -- no spoilers here.

Wiz Khalifa: Here's one way to say "hi" to the paparazzi. A viral clip showed the rapper giving out marijuana to paparazzi, even after the hordes of photographers stormed Khalifa. It was a strain of his own signature line "Khalifa Kush." More than 170,000 people were talking about the video on Facebook.

#TrumpANovel: Last week social media circulated #TrumpBookReport. On Monday, Twitter's game was to turn a novel into a Donald Trump production. Who wouldn't want to read reimagined books like "50 Shades of Orange"? And how could you ever forget the classic "The Gropes of Wrath"?

Tom Hayden: The civil rights and antiwar leader died Monday at 76. He later became a politician in California, taking progressive stands on education and the environment. Twitter users mourned the death of the political giant, with tributes pouring in from around the country.

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