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Asymetrix pitches Java in real time

Asymetrix turned its Web site into a technological circus tent to promote Java tools.

Asymetrix has turned its Web site into a technological circus tent for the day to promote four of its new Java tools.

For four hours today, the company used RealAudio and Internet chat software to host a series of discussions with company executives, as well as Marc Andreessen of Netscape Communications and Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, founder of Asymetrix, and investor in several other Internet companies, including CNET.

For visitors who wanted a taste of the new products--which include SuperCede, a Java development environment, and Toolbook II, a distributed learning development suite--Asymetrix engineers ran real-time demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions.

An increasing number of companies are turning to real-time communications technologies including audio and video streaming to hold marketing events without going to the expense of renting a site and feeding the attendees afterward.

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