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Ladies, this AR app wants to apply your makeup for you

TeleBeauty, an augmented reality app from Microsoft and Skype, is hoping to help businesswomen who regularly conference call from home.

In the future, women will be able to use augmented reality to beautify themselves without makeup. A Japanese company is working to bring that future to the present.

TeleBeauty is an app developed by Shiseido, Microsoft Japan and Skype for Business. It's aiming to bring cosmetics to telecommunication, using technology to apply augmented reality makeup to women's faces who work from home.

Shiseido is hoping to aid businesswomen who regularly conference call from home, helping them avoid the makeup application process for 15 minutes of Skype conversation.

The makeup app is capable of facial tracking as the user speaks or shifts position. It can superimpose four types of makeup style: "natural", "trendy", "cool" or "feminine". As long as the face doesn't move wildly, the makeup effect will work as intended, the company says.

TeleBeauty also has uses for men, as it's capable of highlighting users in dark rooms, as well as eliminate bags under the eyes.

The app has not yet been made available, Japanese outlets report that a trial involving 100 Microsoft employees has begun.