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Apple's MacBook Pro makes waves on social media

Social Cues: The tech company's new Touch Bar tech nearly overshadows Halloween on Facebook and Twitter.

Apple had social media gawking over the latest MacBook Pros and the Touch Bar.
James Martin/CNET

Apple's new Touch Bar took over social media on Friday morning.

The MacBook Pro and Apple's event that introduced it are trending across Facebook and Twitter, as users argue over whether the new Touch Bar feature should have replaced the function key. Twitter users are also getting into the Halloween spirit -- and ruminating on what to do if they'll be alone that night.

Social Cues is our guide on what your friends and followers are talking about on Facebook and Twitter. Here's what is trending this Friday:

Apple Event: More than 1 million people were buzzing across Facebook and Twitter over Apple's new MacBook Pro. The tech giant's latest laptop features its new Touch Bar, a strip across the top of the keyboard that serves different functions depending on what program you're using. Facebook users were gawking at the laptop's new features and saying their good-byes to function keys.

#FunThingsToDoAloneOnHalloween: Are you a bit on the friendless side, like Jason or Freddy? Well, at least there's always social media. That hashtag is trending with suggestions for a loner's Halloween. Some suggestions include calling it a night on Netflix, scaring yourself and smashing pumpkins. My personal favorite: throwing out all the candy corn because it's not a real candy and never will be.

LaGuardia Airport: Mike Pence, Donald Trump's running mate, was on a flight landing in New York on Thursday night when his plane skidded off the runway during a rainstorm. No one was injured. Both Trump and Clinton supporters on Facebook expressed gratitude that everyone was fine.

Jeezy: Rapper Jeezy dropped a surprise mixtape on Friday morning with "Trap or Die 3." Within hours of its release, the rapper's name was trending across Twitter. He has some tough competition, as the Twitterverse is already comparing the mixtape to two others also released unannounced this morning, including Meek Mill's "Dreamchaser 4" and 2 Chainz's "Hibachi for Lunch."

#ScaryStoriesIn5Words: With a 140-character limit, Twitter has always been about brevity. Pulling a page out of Ernest Hemingway's fabled six-word novel, Twitter users got in the Halloween spirit with this challenge. Some entries included horrors like "there is no wifi here" and "we're having salad for dinner." Send us your scary stories in five words!

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