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Apple talks up Facebook integration for iOS 6

After years of being at odds, the two technology juggernauts are finally working together.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
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Donna Tam
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Some examples of Facebook's integration into iOS 6. James Martin/CNET

Facebook has finally found its way into Apple's mobile operating system.

Apple said today that it would more closely tie Facebook into iOS 6. The new setup lets Facebook users post pictures and video directly to their accounts from iOS 6 without using the Facebook app, and post updates via Siri. Facebook calendars, including events and birthdays, and the App Store will also be integrated.

With the App Store integration, you can "like" apps, TV shows, and movies, and see what your friends have liked.

This partnership between two of the most powerful tech companies was rumored for some time now. Apple and Facebook consider each other competitors, but they also recognize a need to work together in order to give consumers what they want, and to fend off Google's efforts to succeed in mobile and social networking.

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This much was expressed by current Apple CEO Tim Cook at the D10 conference a few weeks ago. Cook said Apple is in the business of providing "simple and elegant ways for people to do what they do," acknowledging that what millions of people want to do is be on Facebook.

He hinted at some developments between the two companies and said, "I think we can do more with them," and "stay tuned."

For Facebook, this integration could be a key piece to its mobile success. The company has been struggling with mobile advertising -- its biggest weakness -- but making it easier for users to integrate on other platforms, like Apple's, could help bolster its numbers.

This strategy has proved successful for Twitter, at least in terms of traffic. The micro-blogging site was integrated into iOS 5 and after the system was released alongside the iPhone 4S last year, Twitter accounts grew by more than 25 percent.

Facebook better hope this rings true for it as well. We'll see if this is the start of a long and happy relationship or just a onetime fling.

Update, 11:54 a.m. PT: Adds more information.