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Apple shuffles its top ranks again

Apple Computer announced another major shakeup of its corporate tree.

After warning investors this week not to expect profitability for the rest of the year, Apple Computer announced a major shakeup of its corporate tree today.

A key part of the restructuring included the resignation of James Buckley, senior vice president and president of Apple Americas and an 11-year Apple veteran.

Effective June 1, the reorganization, outlined at Apple's developer conference earlier this month, directs all lines of authority toward chairman and CEO Gil Amelio, with six senior executives reporting directly to the top.

Playing a significant role in the new lineup will be Marco Landi, executive vice president and chief operating officer, the former president of Apple Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Landi will now be in charge of the overall implementation of Apple's business plans and will oversee the company's four product divisions--Power Macintosh, Imaging, Information Appliances, Servers, and Alternate Platforms--as well as Claris and the newly formed AppleAssist customer support division.

Four divisions will report directly to Amelio in his temporary position as chief technical officer: AppleSoft, AppleNet, Advanced Technology Laboratories, and the Reliability and Quality Assurance Group.

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