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Apple reveals big numbers on its expansion into services

Apple's Fitness Plus, TV Plus, Wallet, Arcade and other services continued to grow in 2021, according to the company.

iPhone app: Apple TV+
Apple TV Plus earned 763 award nominations in the last two years, according to Apple.
Sarah Tew/CNET

On Monday, Apple shared some numbers around its expansion into services, including Fitness Plus, TV Plus and Arcade, and said it plans to continue investing in those services this year. Apple now has over 745 million paid subscriptions in use across more than a billion devices, according to a press release. 

Apple Fitness Plus, the fitness subscription service that launched in December 2020, now includes nearly 2,000 exercise sessions across 11 different workout types, including HIIT, yoga and cycling. Since its debut two years ago, shows on the Apple TV Plus streaming service have been nominated for 763 awards and have taken home 190 wins, including 12 Primetime Emmy Awards. Apple Pay is now available in nearly 60 countries and regions worldwide. And Apple Arcade, the company's $5 a month mobile gaming service, now includes a library of more than 200 games

Last year, Apple Wallet customers used 30 million digital tickets for concerts, sports games and other events. And this year, Wallet fans will gain support for home keys, corporate badges, state IDs and driver's licenses.

Meanwhile, developers selling digital goods and services have earned more than $260 billion since the App Store opened in 2008, setting a record for yearly earnings. 

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